Books - When Parents Die

Book: When Parents die

Learning to Live with the Loss of a Parent


Paperback: 978-0-415-59012-9: £17.99
Ebook:  978-203-08101-3 £17.99

‘Every young person who grieves for a dead parent will find this book speaks to them.’

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The death of a parent marks an emotional and psychological watershed in a person’s life. For children and teenagers, the loss of a parent if not handled sensitively can be a lasting trauma, and for adults too, a parent’s death can be a tremendous blow.

When Parents Die speaks to bereaved children of all ages. Rebecca draws on her personal and professional understanding of parental loss, as well as the experiences of many other adults, teenagers and children, to provide the reader with an honest, compassionate and insightful exploration of the experience of losing a parent. The book covers the entire course of grieving, from the immediate aftermath of the death through to the point of recovery, paying particular attention to the many circumstances that can prolong and complicate mourning, including sudden death and suicide.

An indispensable aid to the bereaved and the many professionals who work with them, When Parents Die is written in a clear and sympathetic style. It has been fully revised for this third edition to take recent research into account.

“ Rebecca Abrams has been talking to and helping parent-bereaved people for over twenty years and her experience is unmatched. She wears her knowledge lightly and makes no attempt to burden her readers with erudite details of research findings and theoretical models. Instead, she provides us with insights and solutions to the numerous problems and distressing feelings to which the death of a parent can give rise.” Colin Murray Parkes, OBE MD FRCPsych

The only way we will ever really understand what it means to grieve is when we learn from those who are bereaved and can share their experience with us. This book is a wonderful example of how Rebecca Abrams used her own experience with death and the grief that followed to help herself and others.” Dr Phyllis R. Silverman, Co-Principal Investigator, Harvard Child Bereavement Study, USA

What the readers say

‘I only wish there had been a book like this available when my mother died when I was 18.  As I read your book, I kept saying ‘Oh, yes!’ to myself, as you clearly and honestly tackled so many familiar themes that have been part of my life.’  ELIZABETH, 43

 ‘I have just read your book ‘When Parents Die’ and I want to thank you. My dad died five months ago. I read a few books about bereavement but they couldn’t really ‘get’ me. Your book helped me a lot - I’ve never been so understood. ‘  JONATHAN, 21

‘At the age of 16 my life was devastated when my father committed suicide.  The person who was so loving and vital a part of my life, left a mother and daughter totally stunned, shocked, distraught – I can’t find the words to explain the feelings.  Your book finally made me realize I’m not the only person who has felt this way.  No professional has helped me so much.  You have no idea how relieved I have been reading your book, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your warming and calming words.  You have truly inspired me in my outlook on life and death.’  MARY, 17

‘I have just finished reading your book and felt I had to tell you how profoundly moving and wonderful I think it is.  I wish everyone whose parent dies could have this book.’  RACHEL, 23

‘Your book has been an enormous help to me and my family. It is the most realistic book currently on the market.’  JULIA, 27

‘My mother died in November.  I came across your book a few days before her funeral, read a few pages, and knew I had to buy it.  Thank you so much!  Your book has been a great comfort to me and I’m sure it will remain so for some time to come.’  PAT, 44

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