Books - Three Shoes, One Sock & No Hairbrush

Book: Three Shoes, One Sock & No Hairbrush

Everything you need to know about having your second child


Cassell, 2004
ISBN 0-304-35429-5

Rebecca Abrams’ book is an essential.
Read it before you conceive.’


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Most women who have one child go on to have a second. Many are surprised to discover that the shift from one to two can be as life-changing as the shift from none to one. Having two children is different in almost every respect, yet there is almost no information, advice or support aimed at the second-time mother. Here at last is book that goes where other parenting books have feared to tread, addressing with humour and wisdom the practical and emotional issues of having your second child.

Three Shoes is now available in Spanish. ‘Segundo hijo, madre de dos’, (2012), Ediciones Medici

What the critics say

‘This wonderful book puts women’s experiences in a wider context and – more importantly – helps them to trust their own judgment. My only regret is that it wasn’t written seventeen years ago when I was going through what it describes.’

‘If you find yourself on the yummy mummy circuit these days, the chances are you can’t go anywhere without bumping into someone waving a copy of Three Shoes, One Sock & No Hairbrush. From the nursery gates to the Tumble Tots car park, young mothers cannot stop gushing about this guide to having your second child.’  SUNDAY TIMES

‘Abrams talks to her readers as equals and would not dream of telling them what to think or how to live. Her aim is to give them all the information she would have liked to have had at her fingertips when she had her second child. She talks about how different it is to be pregnant when you are also looking after another young child. Having charted the physical changes, she looks at the emotional changes that mothers can go through and how relationships with the first-born can alter.’  THE OBSERVER  read full review

‘If you are expecting your second child, or even thinking about having a second child, you must read this book…’   E-PARENTING…. read full review

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What the readers say

Thank you, so much, for this wonderful book. My second child is six months old and I have just bought your book - I wish I’d had it six months ago!  I have wept with recognition over some passages, which I could have written myself, word for word. I have laughed with relief at other parts. It has given me so much comfort and reassurance. I am fortunate to have a great support network of husband, parents and close friends, but your book has helped me more than anything else.’ 

‘The relief I felt when I read your book, cover to cover, was indescribable. I read it with tears rolling down my cheeks because it was all so poignant. I have no idea why my friends said it would be easier second time round. Perhaps for them it really was. But this last year has been the most challenging of my life for all the reasons outlined and discussed in your book - how to manage the sibling relationship, feelings towards my firstborn changing, sleep deprivation that made me feel like I was losing my mind, the feeling that this phase will never end even though logically I knew it would. For me, having two children has been completely different to having just one and hearing similar stories in your book made an enormous difference to how I coped during those very challenging days and weeks and months. Thank you for writing such an honest, engaging book, without which I would have felt I was the only one finding it so hard.’  

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